Tecno Y6

This is a modern phone available from Tecno Kenya and one that has created best interests worldwide, making it an undisputed modern smartphone. It will give you wonderful services as you are about to see. This is a roadmap that shows you prime merits of Tecno Y6 and its basic features that will guide you in your decision making.

General information

  • Connectivity: 2G network GSM900/1800/1900
    • : 3G HSDPA 900/2100
    • : Dual Sim (mini)
  • Type: touch screen smartphone
  • Size: 5.0 inches
  • Resolution: 480×854
  • OS: Android 4.4 KitKat
  • Processor: 1.0 GHz dual-core Cortex-A7 CPU, media Tek, MT672W Chipset, Mali-400 GPU.
  • FM radio
  • Li-ion battery 2350mAh


Tecno Y6 is a quality phone which gives you a good encounter in the modern Technology. It is among the Tecno smartphones that will absolutely a superb display, and anytime you intend to use this phone will turn to be special. It has a great display and the Technology behind its screen is so effective offering you smart services in a smart way. It uses an IPS capacitive LCD touchscreen. The Technology makes the screen advanced and very effective.

It offers you at least sixteen million colours which enable that the quality of display is at its best. There is basically an enhanced clarity of the images including the pictures taken by the camera. There is also an increased viewing angle making it possible to operate the phone comfortably even in a tilted angle. Being a smartphone, it is also good to appreciate that the IPS capacitive Technology enhances the touchscreen ability making it easy to execute commands with ease. The screen is highly sensitive to touch and you will only involve your fingers gently. It is less prone to heating due to excessive using such as browsing and so on. It will always give you a very wonderful and quality display.

Memory and operating system

Tecno latest phones will always give you an ample storage space and that is the case with Tecno Y6. It offers you a really good storage memory that you can load with music, pictures and other files without the fear to fill your phone. It will give you a good 8GB of free space of internal memory from which you can store all your valuables in safe custody. With such space you may not even need a memory card because the memory can accommodate most of your stuff. Again if you feel to expand, the Tecno Y6 will give you an allowance of up to 32 GB. This means you can use an SD cart as high as 32GB. You can store up movies and be able to stream from your phone with utmost efficiency.

You will also enjoy a huge RAM of 1GB. This memory makes the phone highly efficient and can operate without interruptions or being overburdened. It supports fast services of the phone making good to use and multitask.


Among the things you will enjoy with the Tecno Y6 is its connectivity. If you are used to ordinary phones with ordinary GPRS, then you are about to encounter a new way to explore internet with amazing speeds. It is always boring to use slow internet. You can possibly attest to that. It pains when your phone doesn’t permit you to download any content from the internet or basically the content of your choice.

The Tecno Y6 is among the new Tecno phones that will give you the best and yet cheap internet connectivity. It comes to you with both 2G and 3G network connections and you can switch them as per the needs. The 2G involves the GPRS and EDGE, whereby the GPRS will give you speeds of up to 85.6kb/s while edge will give you speeds of up to 236 kb/s. This is already a good speed that you can certainly not complain about but this is not the end of good news because you will still enjoy 3G connectivity whose speed is much higher, hitting speeds of up to 7.2 mb/s for downloading and 5.2mb/s for uploading files to the internet.


Love taking ‘selfies’? This phone is one that cannot be challenged on that as it will give you very wonderful pictures both from front camera and back one. They both have powerful ability to give you the best image quality that you can even print. The rear camera is more powerful with 5MP. This will assure you stunningly clear images and this camera is among the best quality you will find in a modern average phone. Anything above this may only be found in a phone that is quiet expensive and one that you would not be willing to buy.

But through analysis of Tecno phones and prices, the Tecno Y6 will prove to be cheap given the great features that it has. The front camera is 2MP which is also very powerful especially for taking close range pictures. It will also take photos that you can easily print and they will still appear of good quality. The rear camera has got other abilities such as HRD functionality, autofocus, panorama and geo-tagging ability with LED flash. Videos recorded from the camera are 720p and can make it up to 30 frames per second.

Other features

The Tecno Y6 is Wi-Fi enabled and you will enjoy fast connection and browsing. The Wi-Fi is 802.11 b/g/n, plus Wi-Fi hotspot. Among its other connection ability can be found on its micro USB port that will enable you to connect the phone to the computer to copy or share files and also for USB tethering when you want to share the internet.


This modern smartphone phone is one that you can pick to give yourself a sense of belonging among your mates. It is a phone that cannot be challenged on any ground even in the presence of any other type of smartphone. It will give you all the best services that any modern phone will give you and you will also enjoy good prices and more advanced features.

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