Tecno S7

Tecno smartphones are all over Kenya just like Toyotas’. The popular saying that the car in front of you is always a Toyota comes to mind when we mention Tecno products. This is because the phone in the hands of the person next to you, or the one you are holding, is a Tecno mobile phone. The Tecno S7 is a great offer from the company which is an upgrade of the S5. It is built to bring life and entertainment to your world with its display, camera, and other exciting features. Kenyans almost always follow prevailing trends and are likely to make this phone trend because it offers quality at a very low price.


This model features a 5.0-inch screen size that is quite great and an improvement from smaller 3.5” and 4.0” screens. The display is also ultra-clear giving some high-quality videos that are worth watching on this screen. It has a resolution of 480×854 pixels which is great for this model. The TFT capacitive touchscreen is amazing in its quality and would make WhatsApp and other videos on your phone worth watching. This kind of display is similar to many Nairobi smartphones, and you would not feel out of place with the Tecno S7, rather, you will stand out because of its excellent quality. This size is also perfect for people who like reading on their phones during journeys and at times when relaxing. This is because the large size will give you better fonts and you will not have to squint to see the words clearly.


This phone runs on Android 4.2 Jellybean O.S. This is one of the best operating systems from Android. It has a 1.0GHZ dual-core processor and 512MB RAM. This will deliver an okay performance so long as you take care not to multi-task because the phone will lag noticeably. Tecno has cut a few corners in this model because a 1GB RAM would have been expected for a smoother performance but that is not the case. This is significant because performance is key in every phone Kenyans purchase. Social media in Kenya is big and people usually switch through these sites every other time, finding someone online on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Whatsapp all at the same time. Avoid this phone if you must do that because it will work well only when you use your phone lightly to enjoy convenience and smooth performance.


This model has a 5.0MP primary camera and a 1.3MP selfie camera. The primary camera gives great pictures even under low light intensity because of the flash feature. Videos recorded are also good with this camera. Although these cameras cannot compete with new Tecno phones, they are quite good on their own and were the best in their era. The front camera also gives some good images. They may not be high definition, but they are satisfactory.

Snapping away during life’s best moments will be good with this phone which will help keep the memories alive through the pictures taken. A picture is worth a thousand words, and with the pictures taken with this phone, you will not have to narrate stories because the photos will speak for themselves. Kenyans are also in the habit of recording moments and sharing them on their timelines on Facebook or Instagram, and this phone will make that happen. You will not miss a moment with this camera; unless you want to.


This is where Tecno Kenya has gone wrong with this product. It has a 4GB internal storage that is expandable to 32GBs. The internal storage is quite small for those who have large music files, and them that like watching movies on their phones. All this is ignoring the fact that you also need apps to run on your phone and the more you download, the smaller the size gets.

This situation can be remedied by buying a microSD card to add to the storage with which you can store your movies, music, and series at your convenience. Kenyans have a habit of adding people to WhatsApp groups that they do not want to join or simply do not care about, and in such groups people share videos and photos that are likely to fill up your internal storage. This will not be something to worry about if you have a memory card with you.


This model has a battery with a capacity of 2000mAH. This gives you six and a half hours of talk time and two hundred hours standby. It can survive a full day of hard smartphone use without disappointments. Tecno latest phones have great batteries, and this is no exception either. Kenyans are a peculiar lot that loves the social media than actually being social, and this is manifested in matatus where people are more occupied with their phones and care less about other passengers. Because this is something we cannot avoid, you should also have a Tecno product that lasts a whole day without requiring recharge and this is the phone you should go for. With this, the matatu rides will be better because you will stay connected throughout the whole day.

Note: Tecno phones, and their prices elicit mixed reactions. Some are endearing to Kenyans while others are not that widely accepted, and I would like to proclaim that this is a model that will be well received in Kenya. With 3.75G network, this phone gives you fast internet connection. It can be considered a portable computer because of its high speed data search and result delivery. It also has pre-installed applications such as Whatsapp, Gmail, Facebook, Opera Mini, UC Browser and Maps. The apps serve the purpose of saving you the hassle of downloading these applications delivering convenience in the palm of your hand. It also has the Google Playstore installed, and this gives you access to over a million applications for your phone. Owning this will be some experience you will never forget.

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