Was The Samsung Fascinate Worth The Wait?

Was The Samsung Fascinate Worth The Wait?

Was The Samsung Fascinate Worth The Wait?

The Samsung Fascinate, one of the latest in the Galaxy S Series, is a recent addition to the phone market in September. Rivaling, and in many cases overshadowing, the Droid X and the Apple iPhone, the Fascinate offers an incredible AMOLED screen and a processor capable of running any available videos or games. Once you acquire this powerful smart phone, your life will take a drastic turn for the better. Let’s explore some ways to keep your Fascinate operating to its full capacity and looking as nice as the day you opened the box.

Accessories that are included with the original purchase will most likely satisfy the majority of consumers, but nonetheless, it’s nice to have different options. Although the Fascinate comes equipped with a 16GB card, the phone will hold a 32GB microSD card, allowing you to store an incredible amount of photos, videos and music. The standard battery gives the user approximately 7 hours of talk/usage time with a standby time up to 312 hours. If the user needs a longer battery life, extended batteries make a good choice for times when charging opportunities are unavailable. The Fascinate package includes a wall/USB charger to conveniently charge either from AC power or from the USB port on a computer or laptop. A simple stand charger will charge both phone and extra battery simultaneously. Many users will enjoy the desktop charger dock that displays your choice of clock, local weather, news headlines and more while charging. Car chargers function as an option for convenient charging during the day to and from work, during day outings or for travel needs.

Protective cases come in many different styles, from a soft, silicone gel case to a highly decorative hard case in fun choices of color and design. Relatively inexpensive, a silicone gel case easily wraps around the back and edges of the phone to afford protection to the edges and corners. Silicone gel covers provide an anti-slip feature to help prevent slips from hands or surfaces. Hard cases can provide a greater degree of protection from falls and day-to-day handling, but some styles can be more difficult to place on the phone. Most cases cover the phone only and leave the sensitive touch screen unprotected.

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With your new phone safely wrapped for protection, the next step is to invest in a screen protector. A thin layer of protective film offers a great deal of protection from the problems of everyday usage such as oil, dirt, dust, fingerprints and scratches. Screen protectors come in several different styles including clear anti-scratch, anti-glare or privacy screen to protect against others viewing your phone.

Taking the Android phone to a whole new level with its ultra-slim design, powerful processor and incredible graphics, the Samsung Fascinate appeals to all types of users. Consider your level of use, select your accessories accordingly and increase the life of your phone and your personal enjoyment.

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