iPhone 5 v/s Galaxy S3 v/s Lumia 920 : Who Holds The Ultimate Prowess?

iPhone 5 v/s Galaxy S3 v/s Lumia 920 : Who Holds The Ultimate Prowess?

iPhone 5 v/s Galaxy S3 v/s Lumia 920 : Who Holds The Ultimate Prowess?

At last the iPhone 5 is a reality and there’s nothing to be surprised that it’s as premium phone as ever. But the question is that whether it is the only gadget worth consideration in the entire smartphone industry? My answer is – absolutely not. How can we say that? Well, let me answer this with a spec-to-spec comparison between iPhone 5 and some of the top Android and Windows smartphones, Galaxy S3 and Lumia 920 in order to reach a healthier and a firm conclusion. It’s not necessary that our conclusion will be agreed by everyone but it certainly will help in making a decision to choose the best of the lot smartphone. So, here it goes:

Design Excellence
Apple’s iPhone 5 hangs on to its aluminum and glass construction (a fairly more use of metal this time) with an aesthetic design and all metallic buttons. The metallic two-toned back panel gives a plush feel and surely could survive far more drops than its predecessor iPhone 4S which majorly had a glass construction.
Undoubtedly, Galaxy S3 has an alluring design but an all plastic construction doesn’t feel sturdy at the first instance. But at the same time it doesn’t mean that S3 is prone to shattering much more than the other two handsets. However, opposed to its bulky size it gives a pleasant in-hand feel.
At last we have Nokia Lumia 920 whose vivid red and yellow colors and curvy design gives a jitter to a rather somber world of mobile phone designing. No doubt it’s a brave move from Nokia to make its phone stand out from the rest but a radical design and a plastic construction is not looked upon as a design feat by every other person.

samsung galaxy note 3

Display Size
The iPhone 5 has a 4-inch screen with a resolution of 1136×460 pixels gives it an aspect ratio of 16:9, and yielding a 326 PPI. Apple brags of it sRGB display and claims that it gives a 44 percent more color saturation and reduces the screen glare which seems to be true as the screen truly looks excellent.
Samsung Galaxy S3 sports the largest screen of the three, a 4.8-inch SUPER Amoled HD with a resolution of a superb 1280×720 pixels and a pixel density of 306 PPI. No doubt watching videos, browsing and doing other activities on a massive screen is a real treat. However, a low pixel density and a low maximum brightness are the major negative aspects.

Nokia Lumia 920 boasts of its 4.5-inch PureMotion HD + display, is same as the Amoled display. Its WXGA resolution of 1280×768 pixels is a bit higher than the standard HD resolution and when its pixel density of 332 PPI is combined with the large display, it could be a tough competition for GS3 and iPhone5.

Battery Performance
Apple is a bit timid revealing its battery specs but it claims that its powerful battery will offer 10 hrs of video playback and 8 hrs of browsing over LTE.

Galaxy S3 incorporates a large and removable 2100 mAh battery that could last easily for more than 9 hrs of video playback.nokia lumia 920

Nokia Lumia 920 is equipped with a 2000 mAh battery which can provide a good amount of back up with its economic windows 8 operating system.

Camera and its Output Quality
All the three contenders seemed to have played a safe move as far as the camera functionality of each of the three devices are concerned. The iPhone 5 is equipped with a powerful 8MP, auto-focus camera with LED flash with highly improved features like Panorama shot and a better low light performance.

Android devices mostly surpasses the iPhone 5 as SG3 is using a similar 8 MP camera with an additional fancy modes like panorama, multi-shot burst etc. and also a 9-month old android technology of clicking pictures while shooting a video which was recently launched by iPhone in its new avatar.

With its 8.7 MP camera, Nokia Lumia 920 is here to challenge both of its challengers in the smartphone camera race. Also its PureView technology is all set to leave iPhone 5 and SG3 far behind with faster processing and a sharper image quality.

  Networking Capabilities (LTE)
All of the three, the iPhone 5, Galaxy S3 and Lumia 920 sports the latest LTE technology for a better networking and connectivity capacity.

NFC tech was needed from Apple in its new machine to overcome some weak spots. To everyone’s surprise it is missing from the iPhone 5. The firm is saying that it’s not needed as of now. But experts think that it could prove a real misstep in a long run.

NFC capabilities are available in both the recent devices, Samsung Gaalxy 3 and Lumia 920 which gives them an ability to pay for purchases and share content across the phones.

Voice Assistance Ability
The iPhones ‘Siri’ personal voice assistant has been tweaked in the new apple iPhone 5 to go along well with the latest iO6. Some upgrades enable Siri to tell sports score, tell movie times, finding best restaurants around etc.
The S voice assistant is an attempt by Samsung to be in race with Apple’s SIRI but the software in Samsung Galaxy S3 lags somewhere in terms of accuracy and speed.

Nokia Lumia 920 sticks with a Microsoft integrated and fine voice command software, TellMe. But windows have decided to not let the third party app makers to work outside their commands.

The Verdict
If we had to narrow down one of the three smartphones right now we would definitely choose Apple’s iPhone 5 as the best one over the other two on the basis of their top specs and features. Undoubtedly, iPhone 5 is the best of the lot and an excellent smartphone with very few drawbacks.

If you are still feeling a bit finicky about the iPhone 5 or didn’t find Samsung’s specs as appealing then you should definitely wait for Lumia 920 instead. But, if you are an avid apple fan boy then there’s nothing that should stop you from buying the iPhone 5. So I think you certainly should do it without any fuss or second thoughts.

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