Sustainable investment products and strategies: Creating value by investing responsibly

Deutsche Bank is a competent partner for people who want to invest their money responsibly and have their assets managed with a high level of expertise and in accordance with sustainability criteria.


Managing assets for our clients responsibly

Individuals and institutions increasingly view environmental, social and governance risks and opportunities as significant for long-term returns. Interest in dedicated drivers of ESG services such as inclusion of ESG factors in the investment processes, exclusions of specific activities such as cluster munitions and participation at companies’ annual general meetings in particular is growing. This interest also extends to our high-net-worth clients, family offices, churches and foundations. Responding to these developments, we are expanding on our previous involvement in the ESG field.

Responsible Asset Management

€9.9 billion

assets that are managed according to social, environmental and governance criteria

Our specialists for sustainable asset management

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Principles for responsible banking

Principles for Responsible Banking

A complex business model such as that of Deutsche Bank is dependent on stable and responsible governance and compliance principles, robust management processes and effective risk control.

Advancing strategic climate projects

Advancing strategic climate projects

Deutsche Bank applies its core business expertise in numerous innovative initiatives to be engaged as a climate ambassador and effectively tackle global challenges.
Advising clients responsibly

Advising clients responsibly

We have to make our clients’ concerns our central focus in order to strengthen their trust in us. The decisive aspects for us in this regard are transparency, a high level of advisory quality and client satisfaction.

Wealth Management: Investment products for wealthy individuals, families and institutions

Sustainable asset management in the Wealth Management division of Deutsche Bank means that the client determines the overall direction and we take care of the management and implementation of what has been specified. Our clients have a number of options and can:

  • Invest in securities with a sustainability profile, developed with Oekom Research, a leading rating agency for sustainable investments.
  • Define investment criteria for their own portfolio themselves by specifying certain exclusion criteria.
  • Invest in certified sustainable investment funds from external providers in addition to our own sustainability funds.
  • Realize philanthropic goals with their investments, for example through foundations.

Asset management with sustainable investments

When managing assets sustainably, we set high sustainability standards for the companies, countries and organizations in which we invest. Our criteria are based on the analyses of Oekom Research, one of the world’s leading research and rating agencies in the sustainable investment sector. In addition, our clients are able to shape the investment guidelines of their portfolios by contributing their own positive and negative lists.

Philanthropic wealth management

We help wealthy individuals and organizations that want to contribute to social development through their philanthropic commitment to set up foundations. We help them to structure and manage foundation assets. We also handle administrative tasks relating to foundation management.

Individually tailored products

Taking sustainability considerations and personal ethical restrictions into account is important for our clients. Thanks to many years of experience, we are able to translate individual priorities into specific financial goals and concepts. In this way, we provide wealthy investors with access to investments in many future-oriented and sustainable projects – such as solar farms – that will benefit future generations.

Sustainable investment funds

The range of sustainable investment options we offer also includes external providers’ investment funds. We carefully examine potentially suitable investment products and select a product that is precisely tailored to the client’s needs and is a sensible option in the context of the investment objectives (Best Advice Approach).

Closed-end investments with a sustainability focus

Selecting investments with a sustainability focus is also important for closed-end investments, through which our clients can invest in:

  • Photo-voltaic facilities in the sunniest regions of Europe
  • Globally diversified portfolios of forest stands, forest management and the timber industry
  • Stock exchange-listed companies with a focus on climate protection and green technology
  • Green buildings (real estate properties that use energy, water and materials efficiently).
Private Wealth Management

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Principles for responsible banking

Principles for Responsible Banking

A complex business model such as that of Deutsche Bank is dependent on stable and responsible governance and compliance principles, robust management processes and effective risk control.

Asset Management: Managing assets for our clients responsibly

Investors, clients and other stakeholders are requesting more transparency around corporate activities and are making decisions based on a broader variety of information. This includes identifying additional opportunities and risks from corporate behaviors related to the environment, society and governance.

How we do it

An important part of the Deutsche Asset Management’s (Deutsche AM) strategy is to further develop our environmental, social and governance (ESG) , sustainable and impact investing businesses. We offer a range of products responding to these different styles and expectations — from managing assets that encompass active and passive ESG screening to sustainable investment funds, green real estate assets, social finance innovations, and impact investments. For our actively managed products, we apply an integration and screening strategy. This relies on a proprietary ESG rating methodology and our ESG Engine software, which helps us to rank corporations and countries on ESG issues, while our? Center for Sustainable Finance aims to position Deutsche Asset Management as a thought leader and catalyst for sustainable finance.

Our real estate investment business focuses on implementing sustainability best practices across its portfolio. This includes core, core plus and value-add real estate investments across the globe.

Our Sustainable Investments team in Asset Management’s Alternative and Real Asset Division pursues an approach which is fully aligned with the SDG agenda. Sustainable Investment vehicles achieve a “triple bottom line”—in other words, market-based financial returns together with positive environmental and social outcomes.

Beyond our core business, we invest in projects that are not currently being served by conventional capital markets in order to tackle key environmental and social concerns and address global societal challenges. For example, we focus on microfinance as well as funds for deprived urban areas and clean, low-carbon technologies.

Read more in our latest Corporate Responsibility Report


Our ESG rating method

In our investment decisions, we take ethical and other extra-financial factors into consideration when evaluating risk as well as with regard to their potential contribution to the yield of an investment.
Our ESG rating method

ESG Policy

Environmental, Social and Governance Directives for Portfolio Management [PDF 3,4 MB]

ESG White Paper

Environmental, social, and governance (ESG) data: Can it enhance returns and reduce risks? [PDF 1,8 MB]

The UN Principles for Responsible Investment (PRI)

UN Logo
  • We will incorporate ESG issues into investment analysis and decision-making processes.
  • We will be active owners and incorporate ESG issues into our ownership policies and practices.
  • We will seek appropriate disclosure on ESG issues by the entities in which we invest.
  • We will promote acceptance and implementation of the principles within the investment industry.
  • We will work together to enhance our effectiveness in implementing the principles.
  • We will each report on our activities and progress towards implementing the principles.

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Principles for responsible banking

Principles for Responsible Banking

A complex business model such as that of Deutsche Bank is dependent on stable and responsible governance and compliance principles, robust management processes and effective risk control.

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